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"Lightness" from Truffe & Mustache is a 100% natural herbal remedy specially formulated by the experts at Truffe & Mustache to relieve abdominal pain and ease digestion in dogs. It combats flatulence, gas and diarrhea, regulates transit, reduces stomach cramps and pain, and stimulates digestion and appetite in dogs.

The set consists of a "Lightness" refill for dogs and a truffle and mustache grinder made entirely of wood and made in France. A few turns of the mill every day of the dog's food are sufficient.

  • "Lightness" by Truffe & Mustache
  • Herbal remedies 
  • Dog food supplement
  • reduced Mcramps & pain
  • Combats flatulence, gas and diarrhea
  • made in France
  • Net weight: 285g

COMPOSITION: Mixture of dry plants (64%): sage, oregano, basil, tarragon and rosemary. Pure sucrose globules impregnated with hydroalcoholic plant extracts (36%): thyme, oregano and coriander.

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