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The bath kit from DOG helps you to clean your four-legged friend. It consists of the DOG bath set, fur care gloves and a dry towel.

The combination of the shower head and mop will help you reduce the amount of water spray and speed up bath time. Your darling will love the massage shower! The approx. 180 soft knobs of the fur care glove not only remove excess fur, they also help you to clean your fur while you take a bath. The bath towel completes the care process and efficiently absorbs moisture.

  • Bath kit with DOG bath set, fur care glove & bath towel
  • Massage shower with 2 adapters - 1/2 "& 3/4"
  • approx. 180 knobs thick fur care glove
  • 70x30cm bath towel
  • Colour blue
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