Did you know that family animals have been shown to lead to happier people.
As companions of children, animals strengthen bonds, loyalty and a sense of responsibility.

So it's no surprise that Melanie, the founder of LOVDOG, was able to spend many years of her childhood happily with four-legged friends and was able to develop love for man's best friend very quickly. Even during school, the desire was great to give a four-legged friend a home and trust and to live mutual, unconditional affection.

However, dogs are not a status symbol, trendy accessories, or toys that you can put back when you don't feel like it anymore. Giving a dog a home is associated with great responsibility, after all, the little darling should experience a long, healthy and happy life in a species-appropriate environment.

For Melanie, responsibility therefore means, before you want to give a dog a home, first intensively analyzing and researching which dog breed is the right one.
What needs this dog has, what effort is required, and what environment is the best for the four-legged friend.

After sufficient preparation and the selection of possible breeders - here too there is a lot to consider - the decision was made a few years ago to take on this responsibility and give a wonderful Pomeranian boy a new home, despite the young age.

After contacting a trustworthy breeder in Berlin, who puts a special focus on species-appropriate husbandry and breeding, our new family member Benni was integrated into the family. From day one, Melanie felt a need to organize the education, the environment and the necessary attention on a scientific basis in order to enable Benni to live the best possible life.

Since then Benni has been the absolute focus of the entire family, and despite studying abroad and the storm and stress phase, the well-being of the dog has always been in the foreground.
So it's no wonder that Benni was the inspiration to support many other dogs, and thus also their owners. On the one hand through professional support in all situations of the dog, on the other hand with the right solutions and products.

With LOVDOG, a heartfelt wish is fulfilled - to do good to dog owners and their loved ones, not to let them down and to give advice and help together with a dedicated editorial team and experts. We want to be there for you.
Do you have any educational questions, would you like to feed your dog optimally or if your dog behaves conspicuously in certain situations - LOVDOG is at your side with our experts.

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