Breeder or animal shelter - where do I buy my dog?

The decision to accept a dog as a new member of the family is often associated with many questions. Inquire in good time about all topics that are important for the acquisition of a dog in order to avoid problems later.


animal shelter

Many people decide to give a dog from the shelter a new chance. Especially if the breed and age of the dog are not so important to you, there are a large number of dogs in the shelter that hope for a new, beautiful life.


Züchter oder Tierheim - Wo kaufe ich meinen Hund? -


But make sure that the dogs end up in the shelter for a variety of reasons. Reasons could be that the dogs cannot get along with other animals, cannot stay alone, show inappropriate behavior (fearful, aggressive, etc.), are not suitable for special purposes such as hunting dogs, have health problems etc. Often they are Former dog owners overwhelmed with the education of the dog and give the animals to the animal shelter. Due to the inexperience of the previous dog owner, the dogs often get used to bad habits over time. A lack of time and experience is often the problem. So talk to the carers on site beforehand why the dog came to the shelter and about the dog's characteristics. The keepers spend a lot of time with the dogs and can certainly help with the right choice. Remember that it takes a lot of time, patience and experience to train a "problem dog". Then nothing stands in the way of adopting a dog from the shelter.



Of course, you are also in good hands with a breeder, breeders usually specialize in a few dog breeds and can point out all the advantages and disadvantages of these breeds. Even at a young age you can visit the puppies and spend some time with them in order to find the right puppy. You also usually get to know the parent animals and you can then get an idea of the size and characteristics of the puppy. Note, however, that puppies from a breeder are accordingly more expensive than dogs rescued from the animal shelter.

 Züchter oder Tierheim - Wo kaufe ich meinen Hund? -


In the end, the decision is now up to you whether you choose a puppy from the breeder or a dog from the animal shelter. Both options have their advantages and disadvantages, which you can only weigh up personally. If you are already familiar with dogs and their upbringing, then it is a good opportunity for you to give an orphaned dog a new home. If you want to have the experience of raising a puppy, a breeding dog will usually be the better option for you.

However, a dog is always a great responsibility and involves a lot of time and money. So be very sure of your decision to buy a dog so that you can meet this great challenge.

And now, have a lot of fun with your new four-legged friend, perhaps soon!