How do you recognize reputable breeders?

In Austria, the Austrian one regulates Cynologists Association (ÖKV) breeding pedigree dogs according to the standards recognized by the Fèdération Cynologique Internationale (FCI) and the registration of pedigree dogs in the Austrian Stud Book (ÖHZB).

The registered breeders have specialist knowledge about dog breeds, also about the correct attitude of the four-legged friends and of course also about the correct breeding of the dogs. Furthermore, these breeds are strictly controlled by the various associations in order to avoid mass breeding and torture breeding.

Usually you can find information about a litter or litter planning on the breeder's website. If you are interested, please contact the breeders, as certain breeds can have a certain waiting time because they only plan a litter once a year. Good breeders will also provide information about the dog breed and its characteristics and can provide further help as to whether this breed is suitable for you personally.


Breeding facility & pedigree

Woran erkennt man seriöse Züchter? -

Serious breeders usually also offer to visit the puppy in advance. They like to show off their kennels, they should be clean and well-kept. It is a good sign when the breeder also shows the mother bitch. The puppies should also look healthy (no sticky eyes, heavily soiled anal area, etc.). The breeders also provide an insight into various papers such as family tree, test results, etc.

The breeders will discuss with you whether you already have dog experience, how you imagine life with the dog, what the living situation is like and, if necessary, give tips on correct posture, upbringing, feeding, etc. So the breeders can find out whether, for example, the right one Race was chosen. Breeders are also happy to be reached at any time if problems arise or further questions have arisen in everyday life. It is important to breeders where their pups go and that their pups have a good spot.


Veterinary care

Woran erkennt man seriöse Züchter? -

Another thing you can tell whether the breeder is a sincere breeder is when the puppies are vaccinated and chipped when they are handed over.

The care of the parent animals and the puppies such as veterinary examinations, vaccinations, special food, care, etc. are very costly in addition to the enormous amount of time required. Therefore, you will have to pay an appropriate price for your puppy, unlike unqualified breeders who offer their puppies for a low price.

Support the qualified and recognized breeders with the purchase of a puppy and thus prevent mass breeding as well as torture breeding and the spread of hereditary diseases.