We introduce: dog toys

Why do you need toys? Which toys are best for my dog? Are movement or intelligence games better? Why do dogs find squeak toys interesting? Are you looking for dog toys and are you overwhelmed by the range? Then you will find a little guide here that will lead you through the jungle of the most popular dog toys.


Throwing toys

This toy comes in all shapes and colors. The principle behind this is to throw an object, after which your dog catches it and brings it back again. In doing so, you can build up an intense relationship with your darling. This type of throwing and bringing back is also called retrieving and can be used as an educational tool - if your dog is a ball junkie, retrieving is a reward for him and you confirm positive behavior. At the same time, you also train your dog's endurance.

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Plush toys

Plush toys are perfect for playing, tugging, carrying or chewing. With plush toys you can encourage your dog's natural urge to chew. Chewing with toys releases happiness hormones and is for your dog, like a relaxed Netflix evening for you. If you pay attention to the workmanship and the material, then nothing stands in the way of a relaxed Netflix evening.

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Squeak toys

The squeaky toy is particularly popular with young dogs. The toy makes a noise when it is chewed. Especially in the puppy phase, the young dogs play with each other and test each other out. When playing among fellow members of the same species, the squeaking says: “Ouch, that hurts me!” Therefore, the squeaking toy should be enjoyed with caution. Because many dog trainers talk about training the dog off the bite resistance. Watch your dog play and see whether he is enjoying playing with squeaks or is just excited.

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Intelligence toys

Do you want your dog to be the next Einstein? You can solve tasks together, and your dog will be happy. Intelligence toys that require your dog to work with their nose encourage stress relief. If you want your dog to be completely happy, then it needs physical exercise, social contacts and mental challenge. Interactive toys such as a sniffing mat help to train the nose and memory.

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