How Much Sleep Do Puppies Really Need?

Your new puppy is at home with you. Your darling is constantly darting around, is curious and just never seems to get tired. But we tell you: rest times are more important than you think.
Puppies need lots of rest. If your puppy is having trouble following them, you need to give a little extra help. If your darling is constantly active, they may develop behavioral disorders such as hyperactivity.

How much sleep do dogs need?

Wie viel Schlaf brauchen Welpen wirklich -

An adult dog needs up to 20 hours of sleep a day. In the case of puppies and sick or older animals, it is even more: They sleep up to 22 hours a day - and that is completely normal.
Dogs do not sleep deeply for 20 hours. Anyone who has had or has had a dog will know that the fridge door or the rustling of food will wake up your doggie pretty quickly. A nap in between, dozing on the terrace and cuddling with you ensure that your dog can relax and recharge his batteries.

What to do if puppies cannot rest

However, if you, as a dog owner, notice that the puppy is not getting enough sleep, you can definitely contribute.
If your puppy does not get enough sleep, he is at a constant level of stress, which at some point has a negative impact on his overall well-being. He becomes aggressive and is in a bad mood - almost like a child who has not gotten enough sleep. That's why you shouldn't take rest periods lightly. You can read on here if you want to know how you can help your dog rest.

The right place to sleep

Wie viel Schlaf brauchen Welpen wirklich -

An important tip is therefore to provide the dog with a place to sleep where he can really relax. You can equip the basket with a soft blanket. Then place the basket in a place in your apartment where not too many people pass by. You can also offer your pet something to chew on. Because chewing releases happiness hormones in dogs and your puppy can relax better immediately. Establishing fixed bedtime times can also help. This is because dogs are creatures of habit and adapt quickly.

An expert tip at the end: have patience and exude calm. But don't be too strict with your new protégé either. Your puppy is a baby and is naturally curious. Peace and quiet with a dash of discipline and you two will become a well-rehearsed team. Lovdog wishes you a lot of fun

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