How do I transport my dog safely?

In addition to thinking about getting the dog, the right food, the choice of toys and many other important things, you should also think about the correct and safe transport in good time.

It would be ideal to get your little darling used to the transport options that are suitable for him as early as puppyhood. Depending on the size of the dog, there are numerous ways to get your young dog from A to B safely. You should take getting used to driving just as seriously as correct behavior in city traffic or in crowds.

In any case, you should always secure the dog in the vehicle in such a way that it cannot endanger or injure itself or other occupants in the event of a possible accident.


tip: To get the dog used to it, regardless of its age, you should always reward every step or part of the exercise with food, toys, clickers or words. Split each task into smaller sub-exercises and train them in short sequences so as not to overwhelm the dog, he should always remember driving or transport as positive.

The first steps are to familiarize your dog with the harness or box, if he behaves inconspicuously reward him. Then you can move on to the next exercise. Then let the dog stay in the transport box or strapped to the seat, he shows inconspicuous behavior here too, reward him again.

Another step should be that you initially close the transport box for a short time without the dog perceiving this as uncomfortable. If the dog is relaxed here as well, you can close the trunk lid or the car door after the reward, the dog should stay alone for some time. When he has successfully mastered this stage, nothing stands in the way of the first short drive.

Wie transportiere ich meinen Hund sicher? -


Transport by car

Depending on the model of your car and the breed of dog, there are various options for safely transporting your four-legged friend.


The following methods are available, among others:

  • Pet crate
  • Seat belts,
  • Dividing net or grille
  • Dog car seat


A popular handle with smaller dogs is the use of car seat belts, it is important that the dog wears a suitable harness and that the belt is the correct length. If the belts are too long, there is a possibility that the dog will strangle itself in the event of a collision. The belt may only be attached to the back seat - not to the front passenger seat.

Wie transportiere ich meinen Hund sicher? -


In contrast to small dogs, the transport boxes are more suitable for larger dogs, the boxes should be attached as securely as possible in the trunk. The box itself shouldn't be too big, just big enough for the dog to turn around without any problems. If the box is too large, there is a risk that the dog will be thrown around in an accident. It is also important to ensure that he has no view of the outside world, as this would unnecessarily stress him.

Another possibility for safe transport is the installation of safety bars or nets, these separate the trunk from the rest of the car. For larger and heavier dogs, it is more advisable to use bars, as these are more stable.

If you want to use the train for transport, find out from what size a dog needs its own ticket. In any case, your dog should be leashed and a muzzle should be used. Smaller dogs can easily be carried in a suitable bag.


Environmentally friendly transportation

If you choose a more environmentally friendly way of transporting your dog, it is definitely by bike. There are baskets for small dogs; these can either be attached to the front rack or to the rear of the bike's rack. Secure the dog adequately. There is also the option of using a dog trailer, which is attached to the bike and pulled along. Of course you can also get a cargo bike here, it is robust and nothing stands in the way of transporting your dog properly and safely.


Wie transportiere ich meinen Hund sicher? -


Air travel

A not too stress-free way to travel to a distant country is by plane. Smaller dogs can usually be taken directly onto the aircraft as hand luggage, but larger dogs must travel in a transport box in the hold of the aircraft.



If you are driving for a long time or going on vacation, you should also consider other things: It is best to plan your departure early in the morning, offer the dog enough sun protection, do not leave the dog alone in the car and avoid traffic jams. Taking breaks is not only important for you, but also for your four-legged friend.