How do I properly care for my old dog?

In contrast to younger dogs, it is possible that your four-legged friend, who is already a dog, needs a little more care. As part of the routine veterinary visits, you can also inquire about the special age screenings.


Claw care made easy

Claw care, in particular, becomes more and more important with increasing age. Regularly check the length of the claws and shorten them if necessary. By shortening the claws, you can avoid incorrect posture of the paw. As an additional care, you can also cream the balls of the dog's paws with an appropriate ointment to keep them supple and protect them from painful cracks.

Due to the restricted urge to move and the associated increased lying down as the dog ages, so-called recumbent calluses can occur. These callouses can easily be treated with an unscented fatty ointment.

 Wie pflege ich meinen alten Hund richtig? -

Grooming and dental care for senior citizens

Carrying out regular grooming is also important for older dogs; in addition to promoting blood circulation, your dog will certainly find brushing a pleasant massage. When brushing, watch out for changes to the skin and see a veterinarian if necessary.

As part of regular grooming, it is also a good idea to check your dog's teeth at the same time. Older dogs are more likely to develop tartar, which can lead to painful inflammation of the gums. As a result, the bacteria that have developed from the inflammation can damage important organs in the dog's body, such as the kidneys and the heart chamber. The first signs of tartar or inflammation of the gums can be bad breath and a solid, yellowish plaque is often visible. The tartar can be removed by a veterinarian. You can prevent tartar build-up by brushing your teeth with a special dog toothbrush and suitable dog toothpaste.

Wie pflege ich meinen alten Hund richtig? -

Last but not least: the ear care

Don't forget to check your dog's ears regularly as well. With senior dogs, it may often be necessary to carefully clean the ears of dirt with a damp cloth in order to prevent inflammation.  


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