How do I make my apartment dog-proof?

4 tips for a dog-safe home

Before the puppy moves into the new home soon, you should make sure that the dog is safe and not exposed to any danger. Because often there are items in the household that are harmless to us humans, but can be dangerous or poisonous for puppies. Therefore, you should make sure to make the apartment as dog-safe as possible in order to eliminate sources of danger in advance.

Dangers for the dog can be:

  • Sockets and cables
  • plants
  • Steps and windows
  • Cleaning products
  • Garbage can


In order to provide the puppy with a safe environment, you should pay particular attention to these sources of danger. With our 5 tips for a dog-safe apartment, everything should be safe as far as possible!


No. 1: Protection of sockets and cables

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In order to prevent your new family member from injuring themselves on electronic devices or sockets, or getting tangled with cables lying around, care should be taken to ensure that these are secured. For this, you can, for example, place the objects a little higher so that the little puppy cannot reach, or you can get boxes for cables that are not accessible to the dog. There are also covers for electrical outlets to prevent the puppy from getting injured.


No. 2: Check indoor plants for dog compatibility

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The curious puppy will definitely want to take a close look at your beautiful houseplants, play with the earth or nibble on a leaf. This is often harmless, but some plants are poisonous to dogs and can be harmful to their health. Here you can find a list of all plants that are intolerant to dogs, which you can also download to keep them in mind:


No. 3: Secure steps, windows and balcony

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Since the puppy is still small and clumsy, it could easily fall down somewhere. This can be avoided by always checking the windows and only tilting them when the dog is within reach. In addition, if a balcony is available, it should be ensured that the door is always properly locked and the puppy should only stay on the balcony under supervision. Steps can also pose a potential hazard to the puppy, especially if they are very high or have sharp edges. A protective grille for animals is a good way to prevent the little rascal from getting injured.


No. 4: Cleaning supplies and trash cans

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In addition to some plants, chemicals such as cleaning agents or cosmetics are also toxic to dogs. These should definitely be stowed in a well-locked cupboard.

Dogs also love the smell of food, yes, even if it is rotten and old. Therefore, a closed trash can should be available so that the puppy cannot steal anything that could be harmful to him. Leftover food should always be cleared from the table and kept out of reach of the little one.


With these 4 tips, you can enjoy your time with your puppy with peace of mind, without having to worry about them getting hurt.

Do you have any other tips for a safe home? Keep it up in our comments!