Puppy training: puppy school and what you should know.

CONGRATULATION! You are a proud dog owner. We can tell you, there is nothing like the love between dog and owner. So that you two become a well-rehearsed team, it is now necessary to be patient and disciplined. You can never start training your puppy too early. BUT be careful, your puppy is a baby, fun always comes first. You have already read up on the topic and are an expert on your puppy. You will have come across the tip that you should visit a puppy school with your four-legged friend and now you are wondering:

What makes a good puppy school?

Welpentraining: Welpenschule und was du wissen solltest - lovdog.at

Our expert Melissa Simeoni says:

“At the puppy school it is important to make sure that the trainers are really knowledgeable about puppies and that they are well trained. It would also be an advantage if the different groups of puppies are divided into sizes or weight classes.
Above all, puppy schools should be there so that the dog is socialized and can play with other conspecifics. Because, especially while playing, puppies learn more than you think. Of course it's not bad when you learn the first commands, but please don't overdo it! - Your puppy is a baby. "

While playing, the puppies learn social behavior and communication among dogs. You can tell your fellow species if z. B. is played too roughly. They also come into contact with other people such as trainers and other dog owners in the puppy school. Your puppy learns to approach other people without fear, not to jump. The good thing about puppy school is that you can introduce your darling to the big, wide world. You have to imagine that your puppy is discovering the world. The more you show him, the more he knows and is less afraid of it.

Welpentraining: Welpenschule und was du wissen solltest - lovdog.at

Summarized again in the puppy school, it is important that you work in small groups with trained trainers. Your puppy should discover the world while playing and you can strengthen the relationship and ask questions to trainers. Small commands such as listening to your name, walking on a leash and the command “off” can be practiced. BUT everything without any pressure to succeed.
We wish a Lot of fun!

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