Which dog fits me best?

One thing is certain: All puppies are cute and cuddly and you would love to take them all home with you. But the cute puppies become adult dogs faster than wanted and as the dog develops, so do the needs of the four-legged friend. 

The answer to the question of which dog fits best is not as easy to answer as many people might think. Choosing the right breed of dog is very difficult and should be considered carefully. Especially for inexperienced dog owners, it is important to take enough time in advance to obtain adequate information or to obtain professional advice.

Not only the characteristics of the dog such as size, coat and temperament are important, but also the living environment in which the dog will later live. To make the right choice of dog breeds, you should still think about whether children or other animals live in the household. How much time you can spend on your four-legged friend, because not only the walks take time, but also, for example, the correct care of the dog can take a lot of time. 

In addition to the external characteristics, there are also numerous character traits that are typical of certain dog breeds. Playful? Calm? Watchful? Are you looking for a family dog, a hunting dog or a dog that you can practice dog sports with? Couch potato or would you prefer a bundle of energy? Are you a sports enthusiast yourself and spend every free minute doing sports such as jogging? Or are you one of the more relaxed people who like to spend an evening in front of the TV or prefer a good book on an excursion in the countryside?

All of these aspects must flow into the choice of the right dog breed so that both you and your future four-legged friend can have a good time together.


Here are examples of different dog breeds:


Golden retriever

Because of its calm and friendly nature, a Golden Retriever is one of the most popular family dogs. Because of these characteristics, it is also ideally suited as a beginner dog.


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German shepherd dog

A real all-rounder among the dog breeds is the German Shepherd Dog, as on the one hand it is a good family dog, but on the other hand it is also suitable for various dog sports.

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Bulldogs are more of the more relaxed and lazy dogs who like to take a nap and do not have a pronounced urge to move.


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