Away from the milk bar ...

After the birth, the still blind puppies find the teats of their dog mom and suckle milk; this is your most important food in the first weeks of life and provides you with all the important nutrients (including vitamins, proteins, fats, carbohydrates, minerals).

After suckling, the puppies are so exhausted that they allow themselves a period of rest in order to be able to digest everything well. These phases, depending on age and amount of food, are recommended to be maintained throughout the dog's life in order to prevent stomach rotations, which can possibly lead to a life-threatening intestinal obstruction. 

Weg von der Milchbar… -

If the mother dog no longer has enough milk to adequately satiate her puppies, but they are already more active, the boys need nutritious puppy food in addition to milk, which provides them with enough nutrients for further development. Of course, the little rascals also consume a lot more energy while they begin to discover the big wide world. The dog is offered the amount of food in small portions up to four times a day. A trustworthy breeder will advise you on this in good time.

When your new family member moves in with you, it is important that the usual feed continues to be fed. Most of the time, the breeders give the feed that they have fed. When the young dog has settled in well at home, you, as the new dog owner, can of course decide for yourself which food you want to continue to feed your young dog.

Weg von der Milchbar… -

However, a possible change of the feed should be well planned. It is best to mix the old feed with the new feed and always increase the proportion of the new feed. This will ensure that the young dog can handle the change well and that it does not lead to any complications. Unfortunately, there can always be intolerance or allergies, such as grain intolerance, which manifests itself in skin eczema, diarrhea, etc. If you experience symptoms like this, it is best to consult a veterinarian.

By the way, it is quite normal that some puppies do not eat at all or less at first in their new home. This is because the small dog first has to get used to the new situation. This can take up to a week.


Important note: It is essential to ensure that there is always enough fresh water available for the dog.