What do dogs taste like?

Seriously. Dog food doesn't look really tasty, does it? Every day you give your four-legged friend a can of his wet food, he looks at you with expectant eyes and eats this nonsense as euphorically as possible. Have you often asked yourself: "What do dogs taste like?" And discovered with horror that dog food tastes just as it looks. 

What is taste

We asked ourselves: What is taste and why do living things actually taste? The biological importance of taste lies in its role in finding food and in examining food before it is swallowed and ingested. That is, imagine that you live with your dog in the forest and you are looking for food and finding roots. In order to check whether the root is edible, you need your sense organs to see, taste and smell just like your dog.

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What does your dog taste like?

Now that we have figured out why the sense of taste evolved, we can ask, what do dogs taste like? When compared to humans, dogs have about 7,000 fewer taste buds on their tongues. Humans have 9000, dogs "only" about 2000. For dogs, the sense of smell is much more important when eating. Therefore, dog food must above all smell good in order for it to taste good. The decisive factor for the attractiveness of the food is therefore the smell, the actual taste is of secondary importance here.

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And what does your dog taste like now?

As we know, dogs are descended from wolves and are predators. Fresh meat is one of the most important foods for them. Their taste buds have therefore evolved according to their meat consumption. 
Researchers have found that dogs can taste four flavors: 

  • umami (meaty and hearty)
  • bitter
  • angry
  • sweet

It has been found out that dogs can perceive in this way. However, they tend to find food pleasant or unpleasant.

Food that smells good tastes good too

To make the food as tasty as possible for your dog, it first and foremost has to smell good. In wet food, flavorings can dissolve more easily and are therefore better perceived by your dog's nose. What does that mean for you and your dog? In general, wet food, in contrast to dry food, can smell more attractive to your four-legged friend. If you still think that your dog does not like the food, there are a few tips to make it more attractive.

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Dog food can be made even more attractive

Feed supplements such as cold-pressed oils can be mixed in. The oils enhance the spicy, sweet taste.

Expert tip! Many dogs love the sweet taste. Mix fruit or vegetables with your dog's food. Your four-legged friend will also be happy about a small apple snack for in between.

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