What do I have to consider when feeding my adult dog?

At the age of 12 to 18 months, the new family member is almost fully grown and is now one of the adult dogs.

How often do you feed?

Was muss ich bei der Ernährung meines ausgewachsenen Hundes beachten? - lovdog.at

At this age, the feedings can be reduced to once or twice a day. Depending on the breed of dog and your lifestyle, this feeding could be done in the morning and evening. In any case, it is necessary to let the dog continue to carry out the phases of rest that have been “trained” from birth. These rest phases are an important part of a healthy digestion and protect your four-legged friend from a possible stomach turn. In the worst case, non-observance of the resting phase can lead to a stomach turn with fatal outcome, for example due to an intestinal obstruction. 


Which feed is suitable?

 Depending on what you would like to experience together with your four-legged friend, the choice of food also plays a very important role here. If you want to devote yourself to dog sports with your dog, it would make sense to feed them a very nutritious and high-quality food. This food focuses, among other things, on strengthening the bones and increasing the performance of the dog. As a rule, every quality food has sufficient nutrients for the dog.

If the dog is to slip into the role of the family or house dog, one food is completely sufficient for a lower energy level. If you are unsure about which food to feed, you can of course also seek advice from a veterinarian. 


Food supplements

Was muss ich bei der Ernährung meines ausgewachsenen Hundes beachten? - lovdog.at

In addition to the conventional food, various nutritional supplements can be added, e.g. to strengthen the bones, prevent osteoarthritis and maintain a healthy complexion. Of course, you can also mix these products in the feed as a preventive measure. 

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