Why do I want a dog?

Would you like to get a dog? Who does not? Dogs are known to be man's most loyal friends and are at your side in every situation.

But a dog is also a great responsibility and takes up a lot of time. You also have to be able to bear the costs of a dog, because these are often underestimated too.

Before you get a dog, you should therefore be very clear about why you want a dog in the first place, and whether it makes sense to pursue this idea.

Warum will ich einen Hund? - lovdog.at


Out of loneliness

Many people get a dog because they feel lonely. Maybe you've just been abandoned by your partner, you've lost someone important in your life, or moved into a new apartment. Major changes in life can often lead to feeling alone, and one would like to get rid of this feeling. Often the decision to get a dog is very obvious, but it is not advisable in this case.

If you think you want a dog because of loneliness, consider another way to get rid of this feeling and then ask yourself if you still want a dog.


As a baby replacement

If you are planning a baby with your partner in the future, it often happens that you want to get a dog beforehand to see what it is like to be responsible for another living being. But a dog is not a test project for life. Apart from that, a dog often has very different needs than a human baby, which is why the two situations cannot be compared.

If you have the suspicion that you might just want a dog as a baby replacement, think again whether a baby or a dog is what you really want right now.


As the successor to the deceased dog

When the family dog that you have known for most of your life suddenly dies, a very difficult and painful time begins. Saying goodbye is never easy and you are often tempted to shorten the painful path by getting yourself a new dog. Mourning is very important, however, and repressing what you have experienced can lead to trauma in the future that will only make life more difficult.

If you're going through a loss, give yourself some more time to process it all. When you feel better, you can still worry about a new dog and approach it with renewed vigor.


Out of pity

If you are a very empathetic and compassionate person, it can easily happen to you that you see sad, parentless animals in the animal shelter or from abroad and that compassion grabs you. However, adopting a dog just out of pity can backfire, as it is important to be aware of the enormous responsibility that comes with it.

If you think you want to adopt a dog out of pity, do your research first and then act to avoid the dog ending up in the shelter.


Out of dedication

If none of the above points suit you, and you really want to accept a fur nose out of devotion and love for the dog, then nothing stands in the way of you. Nevertheless, find out enough information about the care, upbringing, responsibility and costs of a dog in order to be well prepared.