Why does my dog always lick me?

Have you ever wondered why your dog keeps licking you? His wet dog nose welcomes you in the morning when you get up, when you come home and when your fur nose is happy. Your dog just keeps trying to lick you off and you wonder what that means. You also see with horror what your dog touches with his nose when going for a walk and you don't want him to lick your face. You can find out more here:

Even with the dog mom

Licking comes from dog language and means that your dog wants to show you affection. Dogs use the tongue for grooming, feeding, and social communication. Your dog learns from an early age that licking off means positive stimulation. After the birth, the mother licks the puppy to stimulate the circulation and dry it. The mother also licks the puppies after she has fed them. Licking should help stimulate digestion.
When your puppy is a little more independent, he goes on a discovery tour. Now imagine that your dog is a wolf and lives in nature, but is still too young to hunt independently. Young animals lick adult dogs on the snout and thus signal to adults that they are hungry. The adult chokes back what has been hunted and feeds the young. At the same time, this behavior also means submission and affection.

Better hands than face!

Warum schleckt mich mein Hund immer ab - lovdog.at

Do you know your dog and what he thinks about going for a walk and the idea of the wet dog tongue on your face disgusting you? Then you are right - because unpleasant pathogens can form in the dog's mouth, which can be transmitted to humans. However, it would be unfair and your dog would not understand if he was no longer allowed to show his affection. Instead of offering your dog your face, offer your hands to your dog. The big advantage is that they are easier to wash with soap. Remember the licking is a very positive behavior and means something like: "I like you and you are the boss."