When is the right time to buy a dog?

The decision to buy a dog should be carefully considered, because dogs can sometimes accompany you for 18 years. Make sure you think about the right dog breed in advance, what character traits and how pronounced the urge to move is common for this breed. Because it is important that the dog suits you, this makes it easier to live together.


Is a dog allowed in my apartment?

Also find out whether it is allowed to keep a dog in the apartment in order to avoid trouble with neighbors and landlords later. Also think about the right care (animal boarding) if you maybe want to go on vacation / fly without your four-legged friend or if you are away for a few days on business.

Wann ist der richtige Zeitpunkt für den Kauf eines Hundes? - lovdog.at


Puppy or adult dog?

Another important consideration is whether you want to give a puppy a new one at home or whether you want to take in a fully grown dog. Because the initial care effort depends on the age of the dog.


Care, support?

Furthermore, one should also consider whether and how the dog can be integrated into everyday life. Often the professional life makes it difficult to look after the dog, this should be clarified in advance, if possible, in order to be able to take care of the dog properly. It would of course be ideal if the care could possibly be divided among all family members.

Wann ist der richtige Zeitpunkt für den Kauf eines Hundes? - lovdog.at 

Summer or winter?

When purchasing a puppy, it should also be borne in mind that house training is in the foreground here. This means that you have to take the puppy for a walk every few hours (day and night). This is more pleasant in warmer seasons than in winter.


At first it will be a little more chaotic with the new family member, but after a while everything will become more routine. At best, take some time off when the new family member moves in to ensure care around the clock.

But you will see that you have found a loyal four-legged friend for life in no time.