Out and about with a small dog

For everyday life with your four-legged friend, it is also necessary to think about the correct and safe means of transport. It is usually necessary to use a means of transport such as car, bicycle, train etc. with your four-legged friend in order to cover long distances. This could possibly be the case if you need to take your dog to the vet, for a class at the dog school, and maybe for a trip.

In any case, the transport container should be tailored to the size of the dog in order to ensure appropriate protection in the event of an accident.


Transport by car:

For the correct and safe transport in the car, there is the possibility for small breeds of dogs to strap the dog with a special seat belt on the back seat of the car. It should be noted that the length and strength are tailored to the size and weight of the dog. Another option for safe transport is to transport the dog in a suitable transport box. This box should also be adapted to the size of the dog, it should not be too big, otherwise the dog could be thrown around in the event of a possible impact.

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Transport by bike:

For smaller dog breeds, a basket that is attached to the front or back of the bike is particularly suitable. In addition, you should always strap the dog in so that it cannot jump out while driving.

Unterwegs mit einem kleinen Hund - lovdog.at 


Transport by public transport such as train, subway, tram:

In any case, before using public transport, find out whether you are allowed to bring a dog. It could also be the case that you have to buy a ticket for your four-legged friend. A transport box or dog bag is ideal for transport. The two transport aids should also be tailored to the size of the dog.

Unterwegs mit einem kleinen Hund - lovdog.at 


Transport by plane: 

Smaller dogs can usually be taken directly on the plane as hand luggage, the weight of the dog is decisive for this. A suitable transport box or dog carrier bag is also suitable for this, as the dog can be transported safely and comfortably.

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