Out and about with a large dog

In addition to the equipment in your own four walls, it is also necessary to find out about the correct and safe transport of your four-legged friend.

It is possible that your veterinarian or your dog training school is not near you and that you have to use a means of transport.

Just as important as the leash and toys is to make it safe for your dog to transport. The type of transport aid should always be adapted to the size or weight of the dog in order to protect it as best as possible in the event of an accident.



Transport by car:

For the transport of larger dogs, among other things, a transport box for the trunk is suitable. The box must be securely attached in the trunk to prevent it from slipping. Choosing the right transport box should be based on the size of the dog. The dog should be able to turn around or lie down. In any case, make sure that the box is not too big, as the dog can be thrown around in it. Another option is to separate the trunk from the rest of the driver's area. Nets or grids can be used for this. Due to the stability, it is more advisable to use a robust partition grille.

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Transport by bike:

Of course, you can also transport your four-legged friend correctly and safely by bike. There are special bicycle trailers for dogs, which are attached directly to the frame of the bicycle. The trailer offers the dog enough protection in traffic.

Unterwegs mit einem großen Hund - lovdog.at


Transport by public transport such as train, subway, tram:

It is often necessary to buy your four-legged friend their own ticket to use public transport. Inquire before you start whether you are allowed to take a dog with you. In any case, it is necessary to keep the dog on a leash and put on a muzzle for transport by train or tram.


Unterwegs mit einem großen Hund - lovdog.at

Transport by plane: 

Larger dogs that exceed a certain weight limit (varies depending on the airline) are transported in suitable transport boxes in the hold of the aircraft when traveling by air. In any case, you have to register the dog with the airline and present the relevant documents. Often, special vaccinations are required when entering another country.

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