Transport home from the breeder

You have probably already been to the kennel or animal shelter at least once, from where you will soon pick up your future four-legged friend and you can no longer keep your anticipation in check.

The last few weeks and especially the days until the long-awaited moment when you can finally embrace your new best friend have been driven by excitement.

Maybe you've already done the first errands for your dog and are wondering what else you have to worry about. Because a dog is a very big responsibility and everything has to be planned very well before your darling can move in.

You should also think about how you want to transport your dog from his current home to your home and take the necessary precautions.


By car

Transport vom Züchter nach Hause -

Most who have a car will likely choose this variant as it is most comfortable for the owner as well as the pup. Depending on how long the car journey will take, certain things should be taken into account.

When you get a puppy, you can either take a transport box with you to pick it up, or you can transport the puppy on your lap - as long as you don't drive the car yourself. Most puppies are not used to driving, a leash or a harness. So you cannot leash your puppy directly and fasten it in the car with a belt, but should only teach him these things when he has settled in with you and feels comfortable.

If you are going to get a fully grown dog from the shelter, you should find out beforehand whether the dog is already used to a dog crate, a harness or something similar. Normally it should not be a problem to secure the dog with a harness and belt in the car or to transport it in a dog crate.

In any case, make sure that the dog is comfortable. A couple of cozy blankets should definitely not be missing.

If the journey is longer than 2-3 hours, you should take a few breaks to make sure your dog doesn't get sick or urinate in the car.


By train

Transport vom Züchter nach Hause -

If there is no way to collect your dog in a car, a train ride is also an option. In any case, find out whether you need a ticket for the dog - because this is mandatory in most cases.

On the train, a puppy is best carried in a dog crate, which you equip with soft blankets and maybe a toy.

If you pick up an adult dog and he is used to being on a leash, you can simply take him on the train on a leash. Again, it makes sense to take a blanket and maybe a chew toy with you so that the dog can make himself comfortable and feel comfortable.


By plane

Transport vom Züchter nach Hause -

Fetching your dog from abroad or bringing your dog to you by plane can be very stressful for the dog. If you are traveling by plane, find out all the details you need to know from the responsible airline.

You can bring puppies and small dogs with you as hand luggage in the passenger area, but larger dogs are stowed in a dog crate in the hold.

If you are only picking up your dog from the airport, it is best to equip yourself with soft blankets, toys and treats so that your new friend feels right at home and can look forward to his new home.