Exercise with the adult dog

Depending on the breed of dog, a dog is referred to as adult or adult when it is approximately 12 to 18 months of age. Smaller breeds of dogs mature earlier than larger breeds or giant breeds.

The advantage of an adult dog is that it is already house-trained and has mastered the basic commands or at least has heard of them before. Since the bone skeleton is already consolidated, you can now go on long walks or short bike rides with your four-legged friend. In contrast to a young dog or puppy, an adult dog is also often well-established in its behavior, and between the individual exercise phases it requires significantly fewer breaks than a puppy.


Trainieren mit dem ausgewachsenen Hund - lovdog.at


Dog school and advanced training

Of course, there is nothing to prevent you from continuing to attend a course in a dog school with an adult dog, through the training you deepen or consolidate the basic commands and you always stay on the ball with your dog. If you like the dog training and your dog is suitable, Inquire about other in-depth courses, such as rescue dog courses, tracking courses, ABC sports, agility, popular sports, flyball, maintrailing. Depending on the age, a dog should always be at full capacity both physically and mentally.

Trainieren mit dem ausgewachsenen Hund - lovdog.at


Education and habituation

If you have decided to bring an adult dog into the house, give the dog enough time to get used to the new living conditions and to settle in. The important thing is that you can bond with your dog and trust each other. Take your four-legged friend with you for a visit to a restaurant or a stroll through the city, get them used to the city traffic and all other unusual noises.

It could also be the case that your dog has acquired some misconduct in his former dog life, but you can wean him off again with training. However, it requires a lot of patience, perseverance, consistency and time. As the dog ages, the play instinct usually diminishes, which means that the dogs often need more incentive to learn new things. As a reward, not only treats can be used, but also pats, words of praise or with the help of a toy. This is based on your dog's preference. It's never too late to learn the clicker method either!

 Trainieren mit dem ausgewachsenen Hund - lovdog.at

Many people give a dog from animal welfare a new chance. Unfortunately, it is very likely that these animals are not well socialized, often show misconduct or are scared dogs. In this case, it is especially difficult to correct the dog's behavior. (see extra article: fear dogs)

With the right exercise, a lot of patience and mutual trust, you can easily do that!