The top essentials before buying a puppy

The preparations that must be made before the new puppy moves in are particularly important in order to give the new family member a good start in their new home. Therefore, you should start shopping and running errands a few weeks before the time comes. But there are a few things to consider, especially if you've never taken in a puppy.

What does a little dog like that need? Do I get something from my breeder? What should the puppy eat anyway? And how do I choose the right collar? You should think about all of this before picking up the puppy, and in the best case, have already bought it.

But don't worry, to make it as easy as possible for you, we've put together a small list with all the things that you should have so that your little four-legged friend immediately feels comfortable.


# 1: a dog bed

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So that the puppy can settle in optimally, it is important to provide him with a cozy bed where he can withdraw. So he has a fixed place where he feels comfortable. In order to find the perfect dog bed, the size of the puppy should be considered on the one hand, and the size the dog will have when it is fully grown. Ideally, keep the puppy bed to avoid rubbish and save money. Further, because over time the puppy gets used to his bed and sees it as his place of retreat. Many dogs dearly love their puppy bed and do not want to part with it in adulthood.

Also, puppies like to hide in some kind of cave to keep them quiet. For this you can put the dog bed under a bench or table and hang a thin blanket over it to create a little oasis of well-being for the new four-legged friend. Many dog owners also buy a dog crate, which also serves as a kind of retreat for the puppy and can also be used for training. 

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No. 2: leash and collar

 Die Top Essentials vor dem Welpenkauf -

On the long-awaited day X, the day when the little four-legged friend is finally allowed to move into the new home, it is important to take a few things with you. Above all, a suitable collar, as well as a leash, should definitely be with you for collection. But how exactly do you find a collar and leash beforehand? Here it is very important to visit the puppy again before the actual pick-up date and to clarify these questions with the breeder. There is a rule of thumb that the collar should be placed around the dog's neck so loosely that there is enough space between three fingers. How long the collar should ultimately be, the breeder or the employees of the animal shelter can certainly answer well, so it is important to always discuss all questions with these people in order to be well prepared for the day ahead.

The material of the collar and the leash should not be neglected either. A nylon leash is usually the best choice to start with, as it does not rub and is quite comfortable for the puppy to wear. Since the puppy grows quickly, you should make sure that the collar is adjustable so that you can adjust it in time.

Even with the leash, a relatively short nylon leash is sufficient at the beginning. After the first few months, this can also be replaced with a higher quality leash.

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No. 3: Food and treats

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As with the collar and leash, an agreement with the breeder or the previous owner makes sense and is important because the puppy has already been used to a certain food. Many breeders also give out free starter packages, which also include the food that the puppy received at the kennel. It is usually best if this food is passed on, but there are various reasons to change the food, be it the cost, availability or certain dietary requirements. With the new food you should definitely make sure that it is adapted to the age of the puppy. A distinction is often made between puppy food up to 6 months old, young dog food from 6 months old and adult food for adult dogs from one year old.

Taking treats with you on the day of collection is also a great idea, as the puppy has to get used to its new owner and most likely has a long drive ahead of it. Treats are a good distraction and make it clear to the puppy that the new family is trustworthy and loving.

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No. 4: Blanket, toys, brush

 Die Top Essentials vor dem Welpenkauf -

Other items that should also move into the apartment or house before the puppy is born are, for example, a cozy blanket for the dog, which can be used as an alternative dog bed, for example when you are out with your dog. In addition, some toys that keep the puppy occupied and happy, as well as a brush, depending on the dog's coat type.


Shopping List:

To get a good overview of what is really necessary to buy now, we have prepared a shopping list for you here:

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