Top 5 Books for Puppy Preparation

A puppy is moving in! Yay! The anticipation is great, nonetheless, feelings such as insecurity and a little fear creep in. Am I even up to this task? How do I deal with a puppy? What if I do something wrong? All of these questions are legitimate and perfectly normal before taking a big step like this. But don't panic, there are enough ways to prepare for the upcoming growth to look forward to the big day with as much serenity as possible. In addition to YouTube videos, exchanging ideas with friends and acquaintances or talking to a dog trainer, it is very advisable to get a few good books on the right puppy education and competent handling of a dog. Since there are still a few weeks until the little boy moves into the new home, you can use them perfectly to acquire the basics before you buy a dog.

1. Puppy training with Martin Rütter / dog training with Martin Rütter

Martin Rütter is a dog trainer from Germany who, after studying animal psychology, founded the "Center for People with Dogs" and, as a result, "DOGS" - a unique training philosophy for training people and dogs. Since then he has been training people to be dog trainers and passing on his wide-ranging knowledge to dog lovers through numerous books and seminars. The book "Welpentraining mit Martin Rütter" is a book for all dog beginners and first-time owners who want to learn the basics in the area of puppy training and puppy education and who want to prepare themselves optimally for the soon-to-be puppies. Anyone who gets a newcomer who is not a puppy is also in good hands with his book “Hundetraining mit Martin Rütter”!

2. Puppy Training: The 8 Week Puppy Training Plan. Plus training for young dogs from the 5th to 12th month

The 8-week training plan for puppies and young dogs by Katharina Schlegl-Kofler is the ideal pioneer for a relaxed puppy period. Thanks to the optimal structuring and summary of the individual steps in every stage of the puppy's life up to the first birthday of the young dog, almost nothing can go wrong in the upbringing. An absolute must for all newbies!

3. Cesar Millan's puppy school: Proper dog training from the start

Cesar Millan is an American dog trainer who is popularly known as "The Dog Whisperer". With the help of his tried and tested advice and training methods, which he has recorded in this book, he has already been able to help countless people to properly train their dogs. From house training to the necessary vaccinations to the perfect time to teach the puppy tricks, this book contains everything you should know about dog training.

4. Problem solved! with Martin Rütter: Undesirable behavior in dogs

The renowned dog trainer Martin Rütter not only has solutions for the fundamental education of the puppy or adult dog, but also for problematic and undesirable behavior of our four-legged friends. In his book "Problem Solved!" He shows typical problems that can occur in dogs and takes the approach of finding causes instead of fighting symptoms. So even the bad habits of our dogs can be quickly recognized and solved!

5. Dog and child - with Martin Rütter: This is how they become the perfect team

Especially for families with children who would like to have a four-legged friend as an addition to the family, it is important to find out exactly how to shape the relationship between dog and child. On the one hand, Martin Rütter tells in this book about different dog breeds and how you can find the right breed for your family. On the other hand, rules are explained that dog and child should adhere to in order to enable a harmonious everyday life. This book is particularly recommended for all those who live in a household with children.

Well, do you feel like browsing through one of the books? The worry about the right upbringing of your new puppy will certainly pass and you will be well prepared for the newcomer! Training with your bundle of fur is definitely twice as much fun, so enjoy reading and exercising!