Animal death: Farewell to my dog

The day has come that we dog owners would like to postpone forever. Your darling died. Be it fell asleep naturally or through other circumstances, your four-legged friend is no longer and you have to say goodbye to him. As much as it hurts, your dog will eventually die and you will have to let your family member go. But even if the grief is great, there are a few things to consider.

Here are a few answers to your questions:

What should I watch out for when my beloved dog dies?
The first thing to think about is the type of burial. Because, according to Austrian law, deceased animals have to be disposed of. The decomposition process starts post mortem and it doesn't smell good and is very unsanitary.
What are the funeral options?

Have the animal picked up

    In Vienna there is the ebswien-tierservice. Which picks up the animal carcasses from home or from the vet for free. This service is used for hygiene and protection against epidemics.

    Tiertod: Abschied von meinem Hund -

    Buried on the property

    In Vienna and Lower Austria it is allowed to bury deceased dogs or small animals in the garden of one's own property (property not leased or rented). However, this regulation differs from state to state. If you want to be sure, ask the municipality or magistrate. However, the animal carcass may not be buried in the garden if there is a suspicion of an epidemic. Clarify the cause of death with the veterinarian.

    Tiertod: Abschied von meinem Hund -

    Pet cemetery

    You can also bury your darling in a pet cemetery. You have various options to bury the body or the urn here. The prices are based on the size and weight of your deceased dog. A grave site for animals under two kilograms at the Vienna animal cemetery costs 295 euros for two years. The animal burial is included. It is best to inquire at the animal burial in your area.

    Tiertod: Abschied von meinem Hund -

    Another interesting way you can bury your pet is with tree cremation. The ashes of your animal are buried at the root of a tree. 

    Whichever method you choose, we know this is a tough time. We're here for you! Write to us and share your experiences with us. We want to start an open conversation about grief. We can share our grief and cope with the loss of our four-legged friends together. Giving consolation to one another helps.