Animal bathing fun

Especially on hot summer days, you may not want to go into the cool water alone, but would also like to treat your four-legged friend to a cooling off. Dogs in particular are much more troubled by the heat than we humans because of their fur. First and foremost, bathing gives your dog great pleasure and the cool water also stimulates the circulation and your dog regains its strength. Also, movement in the water is very healthy for the joints and muscles.

Unfortunately, dog owners have already noticed that their four-legged friends are not welcome everywhere. Fortunately, there are numerous dog-friendly bathing areas and dog beaches, where you can throw your dog into the waves without hesitation.

But keep in mind that not every dog is born to be a water rat - get your dog used to the water slowly. Don't worry, the dogs learn quickly.

Unfortunately, some breeds of dogs find it a little more difficult to swim due to their anatomical properties, such as a pug or a bulldog because of the shorter snout or dogs with short legs such as a basset hound.

 Tierischer Badespaß -

What is to be considered:

  • Do not leave your dog unattended, dogs are easily exhausted in the water
  • The same applies to dogs: swimming on a full stomach is taboo!
  • Do not let your dog jump directly into the cold water when overheated, get him used to the water slowly.
  • Make sure that your dog can leave the water independently at any time.
  • Avoid waters with strong currents, the dog can no longer swim to the shore on its own.
  • As a precaution, put on sick or old dogs a life jacket, which is available in different sizes, protects the dog and makes it safe when swimming
  • Bacteria may be found in standing water -> ask your vet about a vaccination (leptospirosis)
  • Do not use a harness if your dog goes into the water - he could get tangled and drown!


Even if your dog enjoys the cool water, don't forget to offer him enough drinking water and a shady spot to avoid heat stroke.

After bathing, dry your dog's ears to prevent irritation and infections. If your dog has bathed in salt water, shower him thoroughly with fresh water to avoid skin irritation.

With a special water toy / swimming toy, fun is never neglected.

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