With the dog in the public transport

Would you like to take your dog on public transport?

Taking a dog with you on public transport is generally permitted. For larger dogs, it may be necessary to buy your own ticket.


Large vs. small dogs

In order to protect the other passengers, however, it is mandatory that especially larger dogs are kept on a leash and that a muzzle is mandatory in public transport. Make sure that the muzzle fits your four-legged friend well. The size of the muzzle must be chosen so that the dog can pant without problems; if he can, it is also guaranteed that he can drink undisturbed. The material (leather, plastic, ...) plays less of a role if the journeys are not too long.

Smaller dogs can easily be taken in a suitable transport box or dog carrier bag, the container should in any case be lockable. It is particularly advisable to use such a means of transport to protect the small four-legged friend, as in a crowd - as is usually the case in public transport - the small dog can be overlooked and stepped on and it can be injured.

When traveling with a puppy, you have the choice between a leash and a muzzle or a suitable carrier bag.


Mit dem Hund in den Öffis - lovdog.at


Correct behavior before and during the use of public transport

It is recommended that you as the dog owner are always between the dog and the other passengers. This is how you protect the other passengers who may be afraid of dogs. On the other hand, it is also more comfortable and safer for your dog not to have to lie or sit in the middle of the crowd.

To avoid inconveniences such as throwing up your dog, it makes sense not to feed the dog, whether large or small, right before the journey. However, the dog should not be thirsty.

In order to make the journey by public transport as pleasant as possible for you and your four-legged friend, you should train your dog to wear a leash and muzzle easily and to feel comfortable in a transport box. So nothing stands in the way of a trip by public transport.

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