With the dog through the forest - what to watch out for!

It's the weekend and you want to do something good for your four-legged friend. You plan a long, extensive walk in the countryside. You have already made up your mind where the nearest forest is and pack your seven things. But beware! Some dog owners can speak from experience and may have already been in heated discussions with hunters. Here you will find the rules of conduct so that this does not happen.

  • Keep your dog on a leash in the forest to protect wildlife
  • Only move on marked forest and forest paths
  • Get rid of your trash and dog poop
  • Do not go to the forest at dusk or in the evening
  • Act like a guest in the forest

In general, the following applies in Austria:

Outside the local area, dogs are allowed to walk without a leash and a muzzle.

The hunting law applies in forest areas. In Lower Austria, for example, this means that dogs are only allowed to run "free" if they are constantly under the control of the owner and are within calling distance at all times. Dogs are also not allowed to “revolt” or poach.

What is meant by "revierend"?

Hunters understand this to mean certain dog behavior. The dog runs after a smell (track) with its head bowed. He rummages and thus disturbs the undergrowth and endangers animals that can hide underneath. Hunting protection bodies, i.e. hunters who protect game, are entitled, with a few exceptions, to kill poaching dogs that have clearly evaded the owner's control.

Can you train the hunting instinct?

Mit dem Hund durch den Wald-Was ist zu beachten - lovdog.at

Your dog's hunting instinct is genetic. There are dogs that were not bred for hunting, but the hunting instinct cannot be trained. So always keep an eye on your beloved four-legged friend when you go for a walk in the forest. You two are safest with a long tow leash or flexi leash.

Have respect for nature. During a walk in the forest, your dog will not even know where to put his nose first. Here be the calming and consistent force. Mindfulness for a good togetherness and a relaxing weekend stroll, nothing stands in the way.

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