My dog really understands me

On Valentine's Day we want to make our loved ones happy. So we asked ourselves: "What makes our dogs happy?" So it seems that dogs can be made happy with simple words. Dog owners among us may know it, because certain words put your darling in a happy, tail-wagging state.

Mein Hund versteht mich wirklich -


Words your dog will love

A study of the online marketplace found the most popular words of our dogs. The study comes from England and has observed over 4,000 dogs and their owners and measured the dogs' heart rates. Guess which words got the most reactions:


  • Walkies - go for a walk
  • Dinner - dinner
  • Treat - treat
  • Fetch - get the ball
  • Toy - toys

We think, in keeping with Valentine's Day, you can easily make your dog happy by saying these words to him. But have you already looked at your dog's behavior and asked yourself: "How much does my dog understand?"

Mein Hund versteht mich wirklich -

Can my dog understand me?

As a dog owner, you think your dog is the most intelligent of its kind and you two communicate on a secondary level. Behavioral researchers provide interesting answers to this question. Because the relationship between humans and dogs is over 15,000 years old. So dogs have learned to understand humans, because this was essential for survival.

How many words can a dog remember?

Researchers at the Hungarian Eötvös Loránd University (ELTE) have found that dogs understand sounds but cannot distinguish between similar-sounding words. A total of 44 dogs were connected to EEGs (electroencephalography) and their brain waves were measured. The dogs recognized familiar words in seconds, but had problems distinguishing them from similar sounding ones. There are dogs that can distinguish between 200 different toys. Dogs also have no problem distinguishing between commands.

Your four-legged friend understands words, how you say them and the emotion behind them. This is why there are also dog trainers who have learned to let anger and frustration or nervousness out of their voice in order to enable better training. Dogs also understand the context in which some words are put. When it is time to eat, your dog will react differently at dinner time than at another time. The word, coupled with darkness and a growling stomach, tells your dog that it is time for his food.

Mein Hund versteht mich wirklich -

Genius or not? Only intelligent dogs understand specific words

What your dog understands or doesn't understand is all a matter of training. If you show him your interest and make him enjoy learning, your dog may become the next Einstein. You can start by naming his toys. Your dog associates his favorite toy with an emotional value. This may make it easier for him to learn the word ball.
All in all, dogs understand a lot more than we thought. However, they understand words differently than we do. If you liked this article, please share it. We're also on social media @welovdog.