My dog died - what now?

The basket is empty and nobody greets you anymore when you come home? As sad as this topic may be. Your dog, your partner, your companion has passed away. We would like to accompany you in this difficult situation and try to answer a question that you might ask yourself after the death of your four-legged friend:

When is the right time to get a new dog?

Unfortunately, there is no general answer to this question, as the situation is different for everyone. You just think: The void your beloved dog has left can no longer be filled. Let me tell you one thing, every dog is unique, just like your deceased dog and nothing and no one can and will replace it. However, the grief you feel should not determine your life, but you should understand that it is human to strive for well-being in such situations.

Ask yourself about your backgrounds, why do you want to get a new dog?

  • Is it about replacing your old comrade?
  • Or do you just want to share your time with someone again?


Hund tot-Was-nun -

People who have lost their dog often react very differently to the question of a new dog. You can hear everything from a confident yes to a vehement no. Many people think that getting a new dog feels like betraying an old comrade. Others still have to work with their grief and deal with situations they have experienced with their old four-legged friend. Still others believe that their old furry friend cannot be replaced by anything or anyone. Look at your life now - without a dog. Maybe you've wanted to renovate your apartment for a long time. Do or do tasks that prove difficult with a dog. Maybe this will help you find a little distance from your emotions and make the decision about a new dog easier for you.

Let me tell you, everyone processes grief differently and it is good to talk about it. We also have positive news: if you are thinking about a new dog, that's great. Because that means that you are making progress in coping with grief. There is often hope in the new.