Dog sitter wanted

Dogs are more than just a furry partner to some people. Soul comforter or child substitute, your partner is your one and only. But in the course of a dog's life there can sometimes be situations where you have to leave your darling alone. Be it a longer trip or a new job that separates you from your darling. You may be lucky enough to rely on friends and family, but if you don't, dog sitters can be a great alternative.

For hourly care, dog sitters or "dog walkers" are available, who pick up the four-legged friends for a walk and sometimes also take over the feeding.

Hundesitter gesucht -

How do I find the right dog sitter

There are thousands of ways to get in touch with a dog sitter. The best thing to do is to ask the internet about your open options. Once you have found a person, make sure that the dog sitter makes an open and trustworthy impression. Communication is the be-all and end-all in your relationship. In the event of illness, urgent meetings or other situations, you want to be able to trust that your dog sitter is punctual and responsible.

But not only communication with you, but also communication with your dog is important. Does the dog sitter interact with your darling? Does he react to his signals? Dogs perceive far more than we humans and communication can also take place non-verbally. You can also see if your dog is comfortable around the dog sitter. When you get to know each other, you can see whether the chemistry between the supervisor and your dog is right.

Is a dog sitter good for my dog?

Is your dog rather suspicious? Or if your darling is older, the intensive care from a dog sitter can be good for him. Dog sitters usually only look after one to a maximum of three foster dogs. This allows them to concentrate fully on your four-legged friend. The way of care is up to you. The dog sitter can, for example, come to your home or take your darling to him or go for a few hours for a walk with him. If your dog is a little more sedate, it may be better not to take him out of his familiar environment and the care of a known person is an advantage for your old furry friend.

Hundesitter gesucht -

Becoming a dog sitter is not difficult, but being a good dog sitter is not easy.

When you are ready to search the internet for dog sitters, you may see that many dog sitters are people who like to sacrifice their free time. It is best if you base your selection on the experience of the supervisor. You should stay away from inexperienced people.

Clarify all open questions beforehand

If you meet beforehand to get to know each other, you can answer all the expectations and questions the dog sitter may ask for the care of your four-legged friend. The more precisely you express your wishes, the better the dog sitter can respond to these ideas. Even if the many requests and questions to the dog sitter may be uncomfortable, always remember that the well-being of your favorite is at stake.