Dog grooming - what can I wash my dog with?

One bath, one shower and you will feel reborn. We humans love to be freshly showered or freshly bathed. So it is understandable that you want to pass this feeling on to your dog. Or maybe you know the situation: Your dog has wallowed in something unsavory and you have to wash your four-legged friend immediately. The stench is unbearable and so it's time to take a bath. In this article we will answer you how you can care for your dog's skin.


Hundepflege – Mit was kann ich meinen Hund waschen -

Baby Shampoos - Is This Good For My Dog?

Some dog owners think: I wash my dog with baby shampoo or mild shampoo. Many dog owners know that heavily perfumed shampoo is not good for the dog's nose. Unfortunately, we also have to tell you that mild shampoo is not good for your dog. Dog skin is different from human skin, so it also needs different care. But we can also give the all-clear: Many dog counselors warn against washing your dog with "human" shampoo. But in an emergency, healthy dog skin will be able to cope with a single wash with baby shampoo. Nevertheless, we want to explain to you why dog skin is so special.

Your dog's pH

To better explain this to you, take a look at your own skin. Our skin is covered with a protective coat - the pH value. The skin pH value plays an important role in skin diseases and the regulation of external influences. The protective mantle prevents the growth of bacteria and regulates the optimal acidic environment in which the skin's natural flora can thrive. So if you destroy the pH of the skin, bacteria have an easy job and skin infections can develop more easily.
The pH value is influenced by aggressive chemicals. The natural pH of your skin is an average of 5.5. Mild shampoos are based on this value. However, human skin is different from that of your dog. The natural pH value in dogs is 7.5, which means that even mild "human" shampoos destroy the natural protective film of your dog's skin.

How often should i wash my dog?

Frequent washing is harmful to the skin and coat, which is why you should bathe your dog as little as possible. As already mentioned, if you wash your dog with human shampoo, the greasy film is destroyed and the skin loses its protective layer. It takes about six weeks before this can completely regenerate. Therefore, dogs should be washed no more than every two months with special dog shampoo and lukewarm water. Unless otherwise recommended by the vet (allergies and itching).

To summarize again: bathe your dog as infrequently as possible. It's best if your four-legged friend's fur is so dirty that there is no other way. One bathing day, a maximum of two bathing days per month, is perfect.

Hundepflege – Mit was kann ich meinen Hund waschen -

Expert tip: Get your dog used to the bathtub as early as possible. Put your four-legged friend in the bathtub and show them with treats that bathing can be stress-free. A systematic "skin and fur check" from head to paws should be part of the daily routine and can be done while cuddling. LOVDOG wishes you a lot of fun.

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