Spaying and neutering a dog: what is it?

You got yourself a dog, you two went through the puppy phase happy and inseparable, but now your furry friend is entering puberty. His behavior is changing and you've already googled:

What is neutering in dogs?

Castration is a routine procedure. Your vet will remove the reproductive organs of your bitch (ovaries) or your dog (testicles). Once your dog is neutered, you will never have to worry about puppies again. In contrast, there is also the option of sterilization. The fallopian tubes in bitches and the spermatic ducts in males are interrupted or cut. Both operations are performed under general anesthesia and your darling will need time to recover from them.

Will my dog calm down if I have him neutered?

Many people feel that they will neuter their dog because it will make him / her calmer. The dog's temperament hardly changes as a result of the procedure.

So what does neutering do in dogs?

Hund kastrieren: Was ist das? -

Removing the sexual organs changes the hormonal balance in your dog. The dog's body is different, but the downside can be increased appetite and decreased activity, which result in weight gain. Advantages are balance, reduced sex drive, improved obedience and less aggressiveness. However, note that aggressiveness in dogs can also have several reasons - i.e. often there is not one reason for the aggressive behavior that your dog may show.

Can castration solve behavioral problems?

As mentioned earlier, your dog's hormonal balance will change. Behaviors that are influenced by the sex hormones can change during castration. However, if your dog is uneducated because it has not been trained, neutering cannot solve these problems. Here are behaviors you can observe that are hormonal - does your bitch stray when she is in heat? Or does your dog even mark in the house and is restless?

Many dog owners believe that the dog has a high level of sexual behavior if he climbs up on his fellow dogs all the time. Does your dog do that? Then watch him closely. Does your dog show courtship behavior - sniffed and lick extensively in the anal and genital area of his counterpart and activated his Jacobsonian organ or did he show viscous saliva in combination with chattering teeth and slight curling of the upper lip. Then ascending is a sign of sexual behavior. Dogs also use climbing to reduce boredom and stress or to increase their freedom of movement in order to compete.

No matter if dog or bitch. If you get yourself a dog, you will surely ask yourself this question.