Dog died - what can I do with his toy?

If your dog has died, it is particularly painful. You have built a particularly intense relationship and the hole in your chest feels like it can't be filled anymore. The toys are lying around. Nobody lies in the basket or greets you when you come home. Overcoming grief takes time. Take this time, it is important. If you need help, don't be ashamed and ask for it. Support groups are a great help. You can share your experiences with others and give each other comfort.

As soon as you feel a little better, you can also give help. There are people who have no way of buying a new toy for their beloved four-legged friend. Or non-profit organizations that urgently need donations in kind. Giving is also a way to feel better. Here are some food for thought:

  • Homeless project Vienna / Praterstern

  • Animal quarters
Another option would be to sell the dog toy on resale platforms. Washable and disinfectable toys have a chance to be reused.


Hund gestorben – Was kann ich mit seinem Spielzeug machen? -


Whatever you decide, we hope this article was helpful and let us know in the comments what helped you in this sad situation.