Helpful equipment for senior dogs

If your faithful guide is getting on in years, a few aches and pains can occur. Unfortunately, it often happens that the dogs often hear and see worse in old age or even go completely blind or deaf. But dogs can also be somewhat restricted in their range of motion, for example due to changes in the spine or arthrosis.

If you notice that your dog is finding it increasingly difficult to cope with everyday life, then you can use some special aids that make life a little easier for your dog at an advanced age.

If your dog has movement deficits such as osteoarthritis, the following aids can be used:


Raised bowls:

To make drinking and eating more comfortable for the dog, there are bowls that are slightly raised to improve posture. In any case, it is important to ensure that the dog does not have to straighten up properly to get to the bowls.


Comfortable berth:

Older dogs in particular prefer a more comfortable place to sleep, the dogs also like warmth, with the help of heating mats you can equip your favorite's place to sleep. Orthopedic dog beds are also available, especially for older dogs.


Dog buggy:

If your dog should continue to accompany you, but he can no longer cover large distances himself, it is advisable to get a suitable dog buggy in order to transport the dog safely and comfortably.


Entry aid:

Getting in and out of the car can make car journeys difficult for the senior dog, here you can use an entry aid such as a ramp to make this easier for the dog.


Carrying harness, carrying aid or walking aids:

If it is more difficult for your dog to climb stairs, get up or take a short walk for a walk, you can support him with the help of harnesses, carrying aids or walking aids. The dog's movements are stabilized with these aids and the muscles are relieved. 


Incontinence care:

In old age it also happens more often that your dog can no longer hold urine and stool for too long and thus one or the other droplet unfortunately goes wrong. It is particularly advisable to put on incontinence materials, which can prevent such "accidents".


If your dog has poor vision or is blind, playing should not be neglected, with the help of food balls or tug toys you can make your four-legged friend happy. Toys with special fragrances also make it possible to keep your handicapped four-legged friend busy. 

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