Help, my dog is no longer sleeping in his bed!

The time has come, your dog's first birthday has come and gone, puberty is over in the best case scenario and you can enjoy life with your now (almost) adult dog comfortably and relaxed.

The relationship between you and your four-legged friend has worked out great, you trust each other and are one heart and one soul. But is there anything else to consider when the dog is fully grown? Or is the learning phase finally over?

Well, you never stop learning, right? Of course you will always learn new things about your fur nose, even if the rough upbringing phase is now over and a common daily routine has been established.

But sometimes something changes just then. For example, the dog suddenly no longer sleeps in its beloved dog bed that it was given as a puppy, or suddenly wants a completely different food!

Just like with puppies, you should always pay attention to the needs of your protégé and observe him closely in the adult phase of the dog. When switching from puppy to adult food, there are a few things that you should be aware of, which you can read here.

But what does it mean if the adult dog suddenly refuses his bed or even migrates to another room to sleep?


Your dog needs its space

Hilfe, mein Hund schläft nicht mehr in seinem Bett! - lovdog.atThe most likely fact that your dog suddenly no longer sleeps in his crib or in another room is that he just wants his space.

Just like us humans, dogs from a certain age want to use their own space and do this by looking for a new place to sleep. This does not mean that your little boy no longer likes you, just that he has gotten older and is no longer a puppy. Your darling will still get the daily cuddling sessions, don't worry!


The temperature does not match

Hilfe, mein Hund schläft nicht mehr in seinem Bett! -

Another reason for changing the sleeping place can be that the temperature in the room is not optimal for your companion. In summer, for example, the soft cup is probably just too warm for your dog and he'll find a cooler place. Dogs often lie in the anteroom or on tiles in summer, as these keep them nice and cool and allow the dog a restful sleep.

That this didn't bother your dog when it was a puppy is probably because he still needed the affection and closeness of his new family to get used to his new home and to feel comfortable. Since he has now got used to everything, he feels comfortable anywhere in the apartment or house and knows that he can count on you if he should need something.

Even in winter it can be that the heating is set too warm, which is why many dogs sleep on the floor or in another room, where there is a better draft, despite the cool outside temperatures.

So if your dog prefers another place to sleep next to his crib, that is usually nothing to worry about. And you will see that often enough your faithful companion will also lie down in his basket, just not always.


The dog is uncomfortable

Hilfe, mein Hund schläft nicht mehr in seinem Bett! -

Another reason, which rarely occurs, is that your dog is uncomfortable for some reason. However, by closely observing your dog, you can find this out very quickly. Does the dog often change its sleeping place and find it difficult to rest? Does he keep licking or scratching his paws? These could be signs that something is wrong with your dog. Itching is often a reason why your dog can suddenly no longer sleep peacefully, either during the day or at night, and licks its paws. If such symptoms persist, the best thing to do with your four-legged friend is to visit your veterinarian or behavioral specialist to be on the safe side.


In most cases, however, changing sleeping places, especially if your dog is emerging from or entering puberty, is not a cause for concern. It is more of a sign that your loyal companion is becoming more independent, which can be made possible by building mutual trust.

Does your dog constantly change the sleeping place or is he a basket lover?

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