Help, my dog is going through puberty!

When the puppy suddenly grows into an adolescent young dog and instead of sitting down, turns around and walks, then the time has come: the dog is in puberty!

You yourself notice the entry into this phase of life, determined clearly by the changed behavior of the young dog and you should now proceed with patience and consistency.


When will my dog hit puberty?

Hilfe, mein Hund ist in der Pubertät -

When exactly the dog reaches puberty depends, as usual, on the size of the dog, its sex, but also the breed. Smaller dogs reach puberty faster and have completed this phase more quickly. Females are also a bit ahead of males. Normally the dog is between the 6th and 12th month of life in puberty and enters sexual maturity here. In females this can be determined when they first heat, in males puberty is usually expressed through increased leg lifts when urinating.


What changes are occurring?

Hilfe, mein Hund ist in der Pubertät2 -

The hormonal changes in the young dog's brain also change their behavior. This can often be found to be very stressful for you as a dog owner, but your dog is not responsible for its rebellious behavior. Reacting to behavior changes with anger should therefore be avoided.
The most common changes in the behavior of the four-legged friend are the forgetting of simple commands, stubbornness, increased aggression or fearfulness, changed playing behavior, as well as increased hunting behavior.

How should i react?

Hilfe, mein Hund ist in der Pubertät -

The most important thing in puberty is to be patient with your dog, to give him enough love and attention, but also to act consistently.

Specifically, you should strengthen the most important commands in this phase and train regularly with the young dog. Appealing rewards are very useful here and care should be taken to be consistent and not tolerate wrongdoing.

In addition, exciting excursions can be made so that the little bully is mentally challenged. When playing with other dogs, you should also pay attention to the body language of your four-legged friends and prevent undesirable behavior immediately.

Extensive play, cuddles and enough time to rest will also help the pubescent dog to get through this phase well.

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