Flying with a dog?

In addition to driving by car, bicycle or public transport, you also have the option of using an airplane with your four-legged friend. Regardless of whether you have to use an airplane for private or professional purposes, train journeys or car journeys are often significantly longer than a flight to a certain country or city.

But watch out, not all airlines allow you to take a dog with you! In any case, register your dog with the airline in good time. There may also be additional costs for the respective transport of the four-legged friend, depending on where the dog is being transported. Furthermore, the submission of various documents such as EU vaccination pass, etc. is also necessary when registering.


Is every breed of dog allowed on the plane?

Often there are also breed restrictions. Some airlines prohibit the transport of attack dogs (listed dogs, such as Rottweiler) or only allow transport in compliance with special regulations regarding the material of the transport boxes (e.g. no plastic).

Furthermore, there are also airlines that do not recommend taking short-nosed breeds such as pugs or boxers with you, as the susceptibility to temperature and stress is a major problem for these breeds.

If your dog does not belong to any of these special breeds, the airline will decide where the dog is allowed to fly based on the size of the dog.


Fliegen mit Hund? -

Small or large dog?

Smaller dogs up to a certain weight (varies depending on the airline) can be carried directly into the cabin as hand luggage. However, the dogs must be in a suitable bag or box, which must be safe and stable enough.

Unfortunately, larger dogs are not allowed to fly in the cabin, they have to travel in a safe and stable transport box in the hold of the aircraft.

So that nothing stands in the way of your flight with your dog, ask your veterinarian in good time whether certain vaccinations are necessary for the destination country. There are also numerous entry requirements that must be clarified in advance.

And then it says - have a nice vacation!

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