The right way of coping with grief

After your four-legged friend passes away, it is often not easy to deal with the loss. After all, he was always by your side for many years of your life and was a loyal companion from day to day. When the time comes and you have to say goodbye, it is often not that easy to part with your companion.

As with saying goodbye to a loved one, it is important to do grief work and deal with the death of your friend. Unfortunately, this is painful and takes time - but this is the only way to process the experience in a healthy way and learn to accept it.

Often you think in such a difficult time you can never be happy again. You miss your dog infinitely and can hardly stand the pain and the emptiness it creates, but the good news is: You can get over it and yes, you will be able to laugh again.

In order to enable a good processing of the experience, the following steps are very important:


Allowing grief

The first step in the right direction is to allow the sadness that you feel every day. Suppressing feelings of sadness only leads to a repression of the experiences and will manifest itself in your later life at some point. In order to avoid trauma, it is therefore necessary to allow and feel the feelings. This hurts and is not easy, but day by day it will become easier to deal with the death of the animal.

Practical tip: Cry when you feel like it. Listen to your body and do exactly what it suggests. There's a reason we can feel emotions, so we should allow them when they come to the surface.

Die richtige Trauerbewältigung - 



In order to process an experience, speaking about the experience is also a good tactic. Otherwise, one often falls into a state of constant brooding, which can trigger worries and even anxiety attacks. To avoid this, it is important to bring your thoughts outward and tell someone about your worries.

Practical tip: If you feel uncomfortable talking to someone about your loss, write down your thoughts! It has almost the same effect as speaking and can also be very helpful in sorting out your own thoughts.


Give yourself time

Know that grieving takes time. The pain will not go away overnight, because it takes time for your body and mind to get used to the new situation. Be aware of this and don't try to shorten the time it takes to grieve.

Practical tip: Try to imagine how your life has changed in a year. You will find that most things took time to be what they are now.


Die richtige Trauerbewältigung -

See a psychologist

It is often important to talk to a neutral, trained person about traumatic experiences. Unfortunately, it is still not the norm to see a psychologist about your problems, but it is important to be aware of the possibilities and the advantages of this. If you want you to feel better soon, a specialist will definitely be able to help you and maybe you will soon be able to think of a new four-legged friend.