Proper ear care for dogs

The dog's ear care should not be underestimated in order to prevent possible ear infections. Normally, the dog's ears have sufficient self-cleaning power. Healthy dog ears should be clean, pink, and odorless.

It would be advisable to get the dog used to ear cleaning when it is a puppy. Reward him with treats, clickers, toys or words of praise.


Care depending on the type of ear

The effort required to take care of the ears depends on whether they are erect ears, buckled ears or floppy ears. In any case, you should by no means use cotton swabs, as these could damage the eardrum and only push the impurities deeper into the ear.

More often, long-haired breeds with floppy or buckled ears suffer from ear problems. Even if you take proper care of your ears regularly, it can happen that an allergy such as a food allergy or an environmental allergy leads to ear problems. In this case, it is best to see a veterinarian.

 Die richtige Ohrenpflege beim Hund -

Erect ears

Ears are usually easier to care for because they are better ventilated. If you do notice any soiling, you can carefully wipe the outer auricle with a damp cloth.


Floppy ears

Since floppy ears and drooping ears require more care, you should check your ears regularly. They are more prone to infection, as dirt and wax collects and this is an ideal breeding ground for mites, germs and parasites.

It's best to check your ears once a day. In addition to wiping the ears, you should also always shorten the hair in the ear so that the dirt cannot collect there.

The ear canal should only be dripped with special ear cleaning drops. Ideally, the dog should lie on its side. Drip in the ears, massage or knead them afterwards, so the dirt and ear wax can dissolve better. The dog will certainly shake itself properly afterwards and thus it will throw out the loosened coating. Then you can wipe the outer auricle with a damp cloth. 


Parasite infestation

Typical signs of a parasite infestation are when the dog frequently shakes its head or ears or scratches itself. A mite infestation usually manifests itself in a black smeary substance that causes itching. The increased scratching can cause the ear to become infected, swollen and rather dark red. In this case, it is advisable to see a veterinarian immediately.