Proper nutrition for senior-age dogs

From the age of about 7-10 years, your loyal companion is now one of the older dogs, one of the so-called oldies. The aging of the dogs varies depending on the breed, smaller dog breeds age a little later than large dog breeds.

How often should i feed my old dog?

As a rule, feeding should take place several times a day and it is also important to continue to keep to the rest phases. If your lifestyle allows, feeding small portions three to four times a day would be optimal, as the digestion of the older dog is more sluggish than when it was younger. Dogs were trained to rest during these phases as a puppy and protect them from possible digestive problems. In the worst case, failure to observe the rest phase can lead to a stomach turn with fatal consequences, for example as a result of an intestinal obstruction.

Die richtige Ernährung für den Hund im Senioren-Alter -

Which feed is suitable?

There is a special food for older dogs, which is adapted to the needs of the oldies. As a rule, older dogs become a bit calmer and more comfortable, and this reduces their energy level. Since the metabolism slows down with age, dogs tend to be overweight, which should be avoided at all costs. In the composition of the food for older dogs, care is taken to ensure that the food is easy to digest and low in calories. In order to still provide your darling with all the necessary nutrients, there is the option of adding various nutritional supplements, which are also sufficiently available in stores.


Feed changeover

Since the dog's nutritional needs have changed in old age, a change in food can be considered in order to be able to provide the best possible care for the four-legged friend even in advanced age. When changing feed, the previous feed should always be mixed with the new feed and the proportion of the new feed gradually increased.

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