The cost of a dog

When the desire arises to take a dog, you have to think about a lot. The apartment should fit, the professional life has to be set up in such a way that you have enough time for the newcomer, you have to be aware of the great responsibility and know that you have to show a lot of patience, especially at the beginning. But not only that, because a dog also costs something. And in most cases not a little. Because even if you have bought the dog now, there are always costs that you often don't take into account at the beginning.
Here you can see the rough costs that you will have to face if you want to get a dog.

The dog itself

The first big investment that is made is the dog itself. Depending on where you get your dog from and which breed you want to get, the costs vary. A dog from a breeder costs around 500 to 2,000 euros, depending on the breed. If you want to get a dog from the shelter, you can expect a nominal fee of around 150 to 400 euros.


In addition to the costs for the dog itself, the costs for the initial equipment of your dog are added right at the beginning. These include, for example, a leash, collar, food and drinking bowl, a dog bed, toys and, if necessary, a dog crate. For this basic equipment you can expect around 200 to 300 euros. By the way, here you will find everything you could need for your dog! 


The cost of food for your dog is a regular expense and also depends on the size and breed of your dog, as well as the type of food you want to feed your dog.
Canned food is significantly more expensive than dry food and costs from 50 cents per can at discount stores, while quality food is an average of 3 euros per can.
Of course, depending on the size of your dog, it either needs more or less food, which affects the price accordingly. As a guideline one can say that a medium-sized dog needs about 50 to 100 euros in food with good quality food.
For high-quality food, you are welcome to look around in the online shop!

Insurance and taxes

Dog liability insurance is required by law in most countries and federal states and is around 50 to 100 euros per year, depending on the situation. This insurance is designed to ensure that you and your dog are protected against financial damage caused by the dog.
Optionally, you can also take out health insurance for the dog. Depending on the tariff, this then covers veterinary costs or only surgery costs for the animal and costs between 10 and 50 euros per month.
The dog tax varies from state to state and is slightly less in rural areas than in the city. Normally this is around 100 to 200 euros per year, for listed dogs the price can drop to up to 500 euros per year.

Die Kosten eines Hundes -

Vaccinations and veterinary costs

Especially in puppy and young dog age, the four-legged friend will have to be vaccinated more often and regular routine examinations will also be necessary afterwards. If the dog is otherwise healthy, you can expect about 50-100 euros annually for the vaccination and check-ups.
But you never know what will happen and should therefore always have a buffer planned. An operation on the dog quickly costs over 1,000 euros and a one-time veterinarian visit can also cost up to 100 euros. Even if certain medications have to be obtained, the price increases.
In the event that you have to visit the vet more often, for example if the dog has an illness, you can think about health insurance for the dog.

dog school

Depending on how long you attend a dog school with the puppy or young dog, there are usually one-off costs. These are of course determined by the respective institution and are therefore difficult to estimate across the board. You should definitely expect around 150 to 300 euros.


Die Kosten eines Hundes -

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