The dog crate - do I need it?

Many dog owners ask themselves at the beginning where the puppy should sleep best. A dog basket next to your own bed, for example, is ideal. But a dog crate is also recommended for newcomers, because this has some advantages.

The dog crate is often associated with a cage and this is accompanied by feelings of insecurity and rejection. But the box is anything but a dog prison, because puppies love to have a place of retreat where nobody will disturb them. In addition, the dog box also has other advantages, we have listed them here:


# 1: leave the puppy unattended

After the puppy has got used to the box, your little rascal will love it infinitely, because it is now part of his sleeping place and retreat where he feels comfortable. This can also be practical for the owner, because sometimes the newcomer shouldn't walk through his / her new home, but rather stay in his / her basket. This could be the case, for example, if the apartment has to be cleaned, work is going on, or visitors come.

The puppy box is ideal for leaving the puppy unattended for a short time, as the little four-legged friend feels at home there alone and cannot do anything.

However, it should be said that puppies have to get used to being alone slowly. The dog crate does not serve as a substitute for training, but only to be able to leave the room undisturbed for a few minutes.

 Die Hundebox – Brauche ich das? -

No. 2: House training

The dog crate also proves to be extremely practical when training house training. Because if the dog is in its crate, it will most likely not do its business. The dog sleeping area is a place of well-being for the puppy and he will avoid doing his business there. You can also hear your puppy if he wakes up during the night and needs to go to the bathroom.

 Die Hundebox – Brauche ich das? -

No. 3: Safe transport in the car

The puppy box can also be an advantage when traveling or for short distances in the car. If the dog has not yet got used to driving, it will feel more comfortable in its crate than in the car, as it has already been accustomed to the crate. In addition, it prevents the dog from being thrown through the car during spontaneous braking or twisting maneuvers and, in the worst case, even injuring itself.

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No. 4: Getting used to strange places

Similar to getting used to driving a car, the dog crate can also be used to get the puppy used to other unfamiliar places. Maybe the dog sometimes stays with relatives or friends, or spends the day there. In order not to overwhelm him with the new stimuli, it can be helpful to take part of his actual home with you. This means that you can offer the little ball of fur a place of refuge that the puppy already knows, even in strange places.

 Die Hundebox – Brauche ich das? -

What do I need to pay attention for?

If you want to provide a crate for your puppy, there are a few things you should watch out for to provide him with a safe haven.

On the one hand, the dog crate should be big enough so that the dog can stand upright, turn around without problems and stretch his legs even when lying down.

In addition, the dog crate should be designed to be cozy to promote the well-being of your puppy. Soft blankets and safe toys are a great way to make the box tasty for the dog.

Furthermore, the dog should never be forced to go into the box, because it saves this with negative emotions and will therefore not use the box as an oasis of well-being. A slow acclimatization is very important here. This can be designed, for example, so that the puppy goes into the box itself and can also go back out whenever it wants. The box should never be locked for long, but only for a few minutes so that the puppy knows that he can always go out. At the same time, the dog crate should never be used as a punitive measure, as it should be linked to positive emotions.

If these things are taken care of, it shouldn't be a problem to get your puppy used to the crate and to offer him a new, cozy home.