The 7 best movies and series on Netflix

Lovdog has looked around and selected seven of the best films and series on Netflix for you.


Benji (film)

Benji is a street dog who is picked up by two school children. The three of you are experiencing an incredible adventure. (Trailer)

Dogs Season 1 (Series)

Four-legged friends are undoubtedly friends for life. In this documentary series you will get to know six different fates and their incredible relationship between humans and dogs.


Puppy Academy (series)

This dog school is only attended by the cutest and most curious puppies. In this series you can experience how the little balls of fur cope with all kinds of adventures. (Trailer)

The Healing Power of Dude (series)

Noah is 11 and Noah has an anxiety disorder. Dude is a young mixed breed male and his therapy companion dog. Together they try to survive school and make friends. (Trailer)

Show Dogs - Adventure on Four Paws (Film)

To save a baby panda from illegal sale, a police dog must go undercover as a good pet at a dog show with an FBI agent.

The Incredible Adventures of Bella (film)

Bella is a female dog and has an amazing and great dog life. One day she gets lost and the film shows her on the way back to her family.

It's Bruno (series)

Bruno and his owner live in Brooklyn, New York. His owner loves Bruno more than anything and makes sure that the neighbors show Bruno the respect he deserves.