The 5 best Disney dogs you forgot

At Lovdog, we think that the best films are only those with dogs. Movies about our best friend are our favorite pastime. Maybe you've already booked Netflix and Co. to capacity this winter and don't know what to watch anymore. That's why we went looking for old Disney jewels.
Even if the temperatures are slowly rising and spring is arriving, here is a list of Disney dogs that you may have already forgotten.

Percy from Disney's Pocahontas

Die 5 besten Disney Hunde, die du vergessen hast -

Perhaps one or the other of us remembers the Pocahontas pug. Percy, is introduced in Pocahontas as the dog of the villain Lord Ratcliffe. First Percy shows himself to be a spoiled dog and you can see him being carried around on pillows, having a bone carousel and taking bubble baths. But he quickly grows together with Pocahontas and her comrades. Meeko, the raccoon and Percy manage to make us laugh throughout the entire film.

Nana from Peter Pan

Die 5 besten Disney Hunde, die du vergessen hast -

Who didn't want a nana at home? Nana is the nanny of Wendy, John and Michael in the Disney movie Peter Pan. She was drawn as a St. Bernard BUT funny fact in the original play, Nana is described as a Newfoundland dog. You see Nana in the film, handing out medicine to the children and tidying up their toys. Lovdog Conclusion: Each of us needs a nana.

Dug from Pixar‘s Above

Die 5 besten Disney Hunde, die du vergessen hast -

Hello, I am Dug and I can speak. So we think Dug is by far one of the best dogs in all of film history. Dug, a golden retriever, is a comrade to Carl and Russell in the movie Above. Dug is in search of a bird and his optimism is contagious. The funny thing is that Dug has a collar that gives him the ability to speak. CAT!

Bruno from Cinderella

Die 5 besten Disney Hunde, die du vergessen hast -

Yes! There was a dog in Cinderella. Cinderella's father gave her Bruno as a present and the two grew up together. Bruno lives with Cinderella under one roof in the house of the wicked stepmother. Lucifer the house cat and Bruno are enemies for life and loosen up the film a bit.

Max von Arielle, the mermaid

Die 5 besten Disney Hunde, die du vergessen hast -

Finally, let's talk about Max. As Prince Eric's dog, you can always see him at the Prince's side. Max is a loyal companion and always there to save the day. As the good dog he is, the first thing Max notices is that Ursula doesn't want anything good in human form.