The right exercise for the adult dog

When the dog is young, there are certain rules that can be followed regarding walks, such as the 5-minute rule. From what age can you adjust the walks so that they are sufficient for the dog even in adulthood? And how long should you take the adult dog for a walk at all?
Well, there is no general answer to these questions, because that always depends on your dog. Factors like your dog's breed, size, weight, energy level, and so on play an important role in this.

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From the 6th month of your young dog's life, you can go for a walk with him for between 30 and 60 minutes at a time. How long you are actually outside with the dog often varies and you can decide for yourself.
It is always important to give the dog enough exercise and also to bring variety to it. Because not every walk is the same. If the dog has many opportunities to sniff, for example in a meadow or in the forest, it will be busy more quickly. Even in new surroundings, the dog will be tired faster than if you take the same route over and over again.
So pay attention to a varied environment, especially if the walk should be a little shorter.
Basically, a duration of 30 minutes is sufficient if your dog comes outside more than 2 times a day. However, if your dog does not calm down or shows abnormal behavior in the house, this could be an indication that you haven't been busy enough with your dog on his walks.

Der richtige Auslauf für den erwachsenen Hund -


How often you go for a walk with your dog also depends on the activity level of your dog, but also on the length of time you spend outside with him.
If you only plan 30 minutes per walk, you should definitely take your dog outside at least 3 times. An afternoon stroll is often also ideal for a detour to a dog zone or a meadow to play. Your four-legged friend will definitely be happy and they will fall into a basket at home, tired.
For example, if you are at work and cannot walk your dog for lunch, it is a good idea to go outside for an hour in the morning and then again when you come home. Often two longer walks are enough.
But watch your dog closely and listen to his signals. If you notice that your dog is very active and the exercise you offer is not enough for him, you should adjust the walks.

Der richtige Auslauf für den erwachsenen Hund -

How often do you go for a walk with your dog and do you go on long or short trips?