The last way of your four-legged friend - when is it time?

Your companion, your darling, your fur nose, your partner. You got yourself a dog and spent many years with it. But slowly you notice, your dog is getting old. He shows signs of age, has difficulty moving, sees and hears badly and visits to the vet are becoming more and more frequent. Even if you may not want to admit it, but you ask yourself:


When is it time for my dog to go?

  • Your dog is so badly injured that it cannot survive the injuries

  • Your dog has severe chronic pain that medication cannot alleviate

  • Your dog's quality of life is so poor that it only “exists” instead of “live”

However, there is no general answer to this question. Ask your vet and watch your dog closely. You know your darling best of all and see the signs of your four-legged friend when they are ready to leave. Your motto has always been to make the life of your four-legged friend as beautiful as possible and so far you two have made it. And the last years of your dog's life should also be unique. But just the thought that your four-legged partner is no longer that gives you the feeling of deep sadness and inner emptiness. In this situation, it would be best to think about the well-being of your fur nose and put your emotions second.


Put the dog to sleep - what does it mean?

Der letzte Weg deines Vierbeiners – Wann ist es soweit? -

First, a few thoughts on the end of your four-legged friend's life:

  • Can I tell when it's time to euthanize my dog?

  • What happens when you euthanize? Will it hurt my dog?

  • Where should my dog be euthanized?

  • What should happen to the dead dog

Euthanasia or euthanasia comes from the Greek and means “the good death”. Your four-legged friend should not experience any pain. Some vets describe this kind of a gentle step over when done correctly. At the beginning of the procedure, the veterinarian sets up a venous line to first administer an anesthetic. Then, when your dog falls asleep, the vet will give the killing injection through this port. Through this administration your dog should fall asleep quickly, be unconscious and death occurs through respiratory and cardiac arrest.
We know this decision is not an easy one. This time should be made as easy as possible for you and your four-legged friend, as difficult as it is. It is advisable for you to realize that your dog will not be with you forever. We hope to be able to build a community here, which in this case can give each other consolation and exchange experiences. Write us your experiences and share your grief with us.