The right training for the senior dog

One speaks of a senior when the dog has reached an advanced age; the exact age varies depending on the dog breed, disposition and state of health. Smaller breeds of dogs, such as a terrier, only count towards the elderly when they are around 10 years old, medium-sized or large dogs such as a German Shepherd with around 7 to 8 years of age and giant breeds such as a Great Dane from around 6 years of age.


In old age, not only does the appearance of our loyal companions change, such as gray fur, but also their behavior, they know the rules and routine of their lives. In the dog's retirement days, the urge to move is often reduced, this is often associated with the fact that our four-legged friends, like us humans, tend to gain weight. The increased weight can also lead to lameness or other age-related diseases. The signs of aging include osteoarthritis (disease of the joints) or spinal deformities. Regular health checks at the veterinarian become more and more important with increasing age.

Das richtige Training für den Senior Hund -

If you rest, you rust - that's why walks still play an important role even with increasing age. In addition to doing business, which is often necessary, exercise keeps your dog fit and healthy. Avoid excessive stress such as cycling tours, extreme dog sports and jumping. Throwing him a ball every now and then is sure to be a lot of fun for your old dog. The physical activity should be chosen so that there is no muscle breakdown, because the muscles protect the spine. Challenge your dog not only physically but also, for example, with the search instinct. With the search instinct, the nose work is very exhausting for the dog, this puts him under full mental stress. 


Das richtige Training für den Senior Hund -

Aids for coping with everyday life also come into play when the dog is old, such as assistance in getting into the car or avoiding the use of stairs. Train your dog in good time so that you can use these aids correctly and sensibly.

So you can still challenge your older companion and train with him!


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