The perfect toy for your puppy

Soon it's time! The day is getting closer! Soon you can pick up your new hairy companion. Have you made yourself smart, read guidebooks and feel well prepared? Then we'll tell you one more thing: What should definitely be on your shopping list are 2-3 toys. Yes, exactly toys, because toys for puppies are a good way of keeping your four-legged friend busy and exercising.

Expert tip: don't buy the whole range right away, but a small selection of toys. Because that way you don't overwhelm your puppy and your wallet. Watch your puppy carefully with the toy because it will show you what your puppy is enjoying.Welpenspielzeug -

The best puppy toy for your breed's characteristics

What your pup likes may also vary based on the breed. Because the different races were bred for different purposes. Your new dog's characteristics can affect their preferred toy choices. Is he a hunting dog, does he like to fetch or does he prefer to run? In order to keep your puppy dog-friendly, you can also use the size as a guide in addition to the characteristics of the breed. A husky puppy may be interested in other toys than a pomeranian.

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Your puppy is discovering the world

Your puppy is like a baby, the world is new and the urge to explore is great. This is why it is important that you show your puppy as many materials, colors, shapes, smells, etc., because puppies get to know each other while playing. The self-discovery trip of your puppy learns him body awareness, size, strength and bite force. However, there are a few rules that you and your dog should adhere to. To keep the dog toy interesting, you should manage the toy. Give the toy its own place where only you can access it. Show initiative while playing, not your dog. Invite your dog to play because you are the pack leader and not your puppy. When playing with dog toys, watch out for parts that come loose that your darling can swallow.

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Which puppy toy makes sense?

The classics of dog toys are balls, sticks and plush toys. It is important to pay attention to the surface of the toy. Because tennis balls are z. B. Too rough and will damage your puppy's tooth. Just like with sticks, with which there is a risk of injury. The plush toy is good because your puppy can carry its prey around like in a wolf pack.

So it can be said that every puppy is different and not every puppy toy is suitable. Even if you can't wait to show your puppy the world, don't overwhelm him. The important thing is that you both have fun and can build your relationship. Show us photos of your puppy with his toy. Have fun!

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