Couch Potato or Bundle of Energy?

From the age of about 6 months, you should reduce the feeding intervals of your dog to two to three times a day. Furthermore, it must always be ensured that the dogs can keep their rest phases in order to be able to digest the food as best as possible.

It can happen that your four-legged friend does not show a pronounced interest in the food. This manifests itself in the fact that he always leaves a lot of food. If so, decrease the intervals or the amount. It does not make sense that the food is available for the dog to eat all day long, as the resting phases for digestion cannot be observed.

In addition to the conventional dry and wet food, there is also the option of barfing. When barfing, your four-legged friend is offered a mixture of raw meat, raw fish, vegetables, fruit, linseed, herbs and oils, among other things. This type of feeding tends to be more time-consuming, and consequently it is not suitable for every dog owner or every dog. Since barfing is a science in its own right, it is advisable to consult an expert, who will adjust your dog to this feeding method and create an individual menu for him. 

Couch-Potato oder Energiebündel? -

However, the majority of dog owners use commercially available dry or wet food. There are numerous manufacturers who offer a wide variety of dog food compositions.

It is important that the food is tailored to the dog's breed and the dog's activity. One differentiates not only into small, medium-sized and large dog breeds, but also matches the breed directly.

A Chihuahua, like a pug, is one of the no dog breeds, but a Chihuahua weighs only about 3 kg and a pug up to 8 kg. The large dogs include a German Shepherd, which weighs around 35-40 kg, as well as a Great Dane, which can weigh up to 90 kg. In addition to the selection of the breed, you shouldn't forget which activities you would like to experience together with your dog, so the dog is more of a couch potato or is a real bundle of energy.

Couch-Potato oder Energiebündel? -

Important note: It is essential to ensure that there is always enough fresh water available for the dog.

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